Exploring Ancient Belgrade With Local Taste

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I always foretaste with pleasure a visit to non-typical travel destinations, the cities and towns which are not so popular with the travelers. What will it bring to me? Is it worth a try? These questions were crossing my mind as I was waiting for my plane to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. I did not know what to expect from this ancient city, which witnessed many ups and downs during its rich history.

However, Belgrade satisfied and exceeded my expectations. What was the most pleasant, nice and unforgettable during this travel is meeting the Serbs. The people of Serbia have truly big heart and sincere soul. All I know about Belgrade and its secrets is due to their kind assistance. I have seen this city as a tourist and lived as a local with my dear Serbian friends, so, I would like to share my experience and make your travel to Serbia and Belgrade very comfortable.

Some Travel Tips:


Serbia and Belgrade are one of the cheapest venues I have ever seen. Here you can feel like you are a sophisticated and wealthy traveler even if you have just graduated from university.


Serbian is the official language in Serbia and Belgrade. Many of the Serbs speak English language, so, you can feel confident that someone will help you while you wander around the city. My Serbian friends know English, Russian and some other languages, which made it very interesting to practice foreign languages. During your sightseeing do not be surprised to see the names of the streets and pointers in Serbian, but in both Latin and Cyrillic letters. This is a very rare phenomenon called synchronic digraphia: Serbian is almost the only European language which uses two ways of writing: Cyrillic and Latin alphabet. I always liked to compare those two official ways of writing and think how different this small country between Europe and Asia is, how many cultures it sponged up.


Nikola Tesla Airport is located near the city of Belgrade. It is has a very convenient location and road junction. You can take a taxi in the airport or wait for the bus which will drive you to the city center. There are several buses: No.72, No.607 and some others. I used the bus No.72 which took me to Zeleni Venac, the major bus stop of Belgrade. But you can try a taxi, here it would be cheaper than in Western Europe. If you use buses during your visit to Belgrade, you can buy a Bus Plus card to pay for your travel. It will help you save your money.

Food. Street Food!

What I really liked in Belgrade is its street food. You can find it everywhere: it is tasty, very big (really big) and cheap (remember: everything is cheap). I had a real gastronomic debauch there. McDonald’s is nothing compared to street food in Belgrade, although I love McDonalds so much and always eat it during my trips.

So, the main dish which I fell in love with is Pljeskavica. It is a grilled meat patty cake. If you visit a restaurant, pljeskavica will possibly be served with cabbidge, tomatoes, onion, cheese and other ingredients. It is a very tasty national dish, but I recommend you to try pljeskavica in fast food. What is the difference? Standing in a queue for a good pljeskavica is worth it: you will get a kind of a Serbian burger. Pljeskavica is served there in a pita with many other components, which you can choose yourself. For example, salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, cheese, kajmak (product from Balkan milk), any type of vegetables and sauce, there are too many to remember. Finally you will get an enormous hamburger which is almost impossible to eat alone. I could have been plied with pljeskavica for the whole day!


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